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...And We're Back!

Greetings Sirs and Ma'ams!!

So, Back to School season is upon us-- yippee for some, blah for others. It is during these last few days of summer that teachers are having their nightly terrors about the first day of school getting away from them in the weirdest ways that only dreams can think up. During these days we are also prone to spending too much money on school supplies and class decor that will create the most conducive classroom environment for our young scholars. But of course, it's worth it. The kids are worth it, always.

My school decided that we would start this year's learning journey virtually for the first 9 weeks. We all have an opinion on the best way forward during this pandemic, but this post isn't about our stances, either way. My hope is to make this post a "living" space for teachers to discover options to maximize opportunities of excellence for each scholar we will serve virtually this school year. I will continue to update this page as I discover more goodness.

The exceptional educators and advocates highlighted below can be found on Twitter or Instagram, which is where I discovered each of their amazing contributions to making the most out of virtual learning.


Digital First Week of School Stations by Angelina Murphy, @magicalmsmurphy https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1h3puPunvBeEYgUxBnElNwrqSwC5btWn6q_HY-GEMu6M/edit#slide=id.p


Formative Assessment in Distance Learning by Andrew Miller, @betamiller



Creating A Virtual Classroom by Shana Ramin, @shanateaches


Please comment to share additional resources, if any!

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