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Cheers to YOU

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Greetings :-)

I'm Nadia, a devoted teacher to little humans, advocate, seester, daughter, meanderer, reader, and woman of faith, among other things. Just like YOU, I hold a host of titles that represent the different roles and responsibilities I have. In these last 29 lovely years of life I have experienced and learned lots of great and unsavory things. There are a few, however, that continue to permeate my headspace, which brought me to this conception of curation. We've all learned or at least heard the phrase, sharing is caring, so here goes!

On this site you'll find a few pathways to shareable curations. You can:

  • journey into a new world within the pages OR swipes on a screen for you e-readers AND/OR, of course, can't forget about us Audible readers.

  • discover ways to GET THE HECK OUT OF THE KITCHEN with some legitimately simple recipes and supportive moving pictures. (RECIPE BOX & MORE AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER SOON)

  • awaken your board/work/random meetings by becoming a curator of your very own with my Monotonous Doodles journal (AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER SOON).

  • grab some FREE and reasonably priced goodies for the classroom OR any other learning space + MORE!

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