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Tell your coin$ where to go!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I have been off work for a few days. I work in a county that has been impacted by COVID-19, so we abandoned the buildings for a few days so that they could be deeply cleaned. So, after cleaning my house and napping tirelessly, I decided to be more productive today. One of my productive acts included creating a new budgeting form. I have tried so many apps and online forms, but none of these have worked out for me. I end up abandoning them like the weirdly cut fries at the bottom of the box.

Victory has befallen me-- FINALLY! My new budgeting form includes two columns that permit me to budget bi-weekly instead of monthly. In the previous county I worked in I was able to use a monthly outline since I was compensated monthly, but the Ops Director at my current school won't budge. Coins shall be deposited bi-weekly despite my failed requests and subtle hints.

After reviewing my new form and watching the algorithms crunch the numbers-- I went over budget my for social calories-- I considered that there could possibly be others out in the world who are struggling to find the perfect app or form to budget with. With this, I made my template available in the Curated Monotony store, but I have also created an option for you to have a personalized budgeting form created that works just for you!

As I move closer and closer to my 30th I am realizing that a more disciplined self will be most conducive. This includes truly telling my coins where to go. Hopefully, you'll join me and on this umpteenth journey of better stewarding the coins I have been blessed with. Happy Budgeting!

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