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Easy Kitchen!

There are a few many things in life that require our time, energy, treasure and consideration. One of these things includes adding nutritious calories to our bodies. I won't lie-- I really enjoy cals, but I don't care too much for cooking. My motto is to get in and out of the kitchen in about 30 minutes AND to use fewer than 3 dishes in the process. Anything over that is a little too extra for my spirit. This is where the conception of Easy Kitchen was born.

I work in Education and Sam works in the food industry. We both have pretty demanding jobs that don't leave a ton of time to commit to preparing hour(s) long meals.

With this, we have committed ourselves to documenting our cooking journey and sharing along the way to encourage and inspire fellow calorie enthusiasts like ourselves. Join us along this journey via the Easy Kitchen blog (tab up top) and the Curated Monotony Insta page. Consider us the "un-chefs" in the kitchen that share nuggets of goodness to get ourselves and any other interested humans out of the kitchen to focus on other priorities and fun-tivities life demands.

If you document your Easy Kitchen goodness, tag us HERE. We would love to feature you! Happy cooking!

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