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How To Avoid the 1st Nap on Friday Night

Greetings, All and Happy FriYAY!

Today is the first Friday after a two-week break from the kiddos. There is something very special about the first week back in the classroom after a short or extended break. There is seemingly no way to accelerate the mind and body into the reality that sleeping in, staying up "late" and just being recklessly free in the world is not the priority anymore. This is evidenced by the inevitable TIRED TEACHER PHENOMENON that follows. You've seen the memes and tweets, right? "There's no tired like teacher tired" the first week after Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall break.

As I prepared myself for the day I began to think about how excited I was about the opportunities I had to organize for my kiddos and, of course, the weekend. I was even more excited about my plans after carpool duty at 4 pm-- getting back to my bed. I know I'm not the only one.

Now, I'm considering a new plan. I am going to make my best attempt to avoid my first nap this Friday evening by engaging myself in other intentional and savory tasks. These tasks should carry me late into the evening-- late meaning 9-10ish OR beyond. Feel free to join me and don't forget to share about your success in the comments below!

FIRST, set a goal.

I will not take a first nap tonight. I will climb in bed around 9pm or later.

SECOND, create a list of to-do's AND prioritize the tasks

Here are my options. They've been prioritized too.

  • evening Daily Office with **Dad-- I seriously need to be more intentional about spending time with God. My Daily Office time is guided by my Bible App currently

  • go to the post office to mail the things I've been hoarding for umpteen weeks

  • visit a friend or relative I haven't seen in a while-- I haven't seen my mom in a few days and today is her birthday!!

  • grab a bottle of wine

  • Read Akissi again-- I absolutely LOVE this West African little girl.

  • oil my scalp OR get one of my sisters to do it-- I just got some new hair vitamin goodies so I hope it nourishes these locs legitimately.

  • go to Target to get new bedding

  • walk the trail in my complex-- 2 miles of nature

  • read that article from Education Weekly I keep marking unread in my inbox

  • find my 3 favorite candles and choose 1 to splurge on-- Eden by Intertwined Candles, Golden Milk created by Guideless Candles and sold by Crystal Cactus, AND White Cactus by La Lueur

  • clean my Vans

  • schedule some reflexology-- there's a place on Ponce that is AMAZING!

  • find a new watchband-- my current one is loose and keeps popping off

  • find a new phone case-- I am an accessory nerd. I haven't purchased a new case in a few months so I should be good. I WANT something slim yet grippy and aesthetically pleasing.

  • get my car detailed-- it's long overdue.

  • stretch for 10 minutes

That's it! I will execute said plan at 4 pm today. I will share an update on the Curated Monotony instagram page. Follow along!

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