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New Year New Food

As we speed through the month of January we are inundated with people, terms, and platforms reminding us to set our 2020 and beyond goals. Most of these goals hint at elevating oneself with a slimmer or healthier body, leveling up in career and coin, and/or cutting out all unsavory things and people that aren’t conducive to your overall fruitfulness.

Amen and hooray for seeking to superfly your life! I personally don’t set new year goals for whatever reason, but I am always considering how I can become more disciplined across the many spaces in my life that need it most. There’s a laundry list, of course, but the top 3 include:

1. spending more time with **Dad

2. maintaining a peaceful state of mind

3. eating food that won’t give me hot tummy

Let’s stick with #3 for this post, shall we? I am a pretty picky and simple consumer of calories. I enjoy food and love the experience of trying something new and delicious, but I have a huge issue— I have a billion sensitivities. I make the joke that Dad really only wants me to have the diet of a hamster, but I dissent! Clearly that’s not the most prudent decision, so I find myself in plenty of hot tummy situations. I clearly lack DISCIPLINE.

Since one of my top priorities should be careful and intentional consideration of the calories I intake, I guess it is time for me be just as intentional in my next steps towards leading a more disciplined life. So, here goes-- New Year New Food!! I will undertake fasting again this week-- I juiced last week and felt AMAZING-. Shout out to Bamboo Juices for their awesome Beginner Cleanse. I shall partake in a Selective Fast for 168 hours. That's 7 whole days! I will begin January 15 and end on January 21.

During this Selective Fast I will commit to a consistent Daily Office with Dad, in addition to more intentional planning of meals to ensure that the habits I commit to during the fast aren't temporal. Consider following or joining me on my fasting journey! I will share updates in real time-- including wins and failures.

Goodies on the way: Since we are on the topic of calories, I would love to share an update regarding EasyKitchen-- a delicious nugget of goodness being curated to get you out of the kitchen in 30 minutes or less! New announcement via the Curated Monotony instagram page COMING SOON!

**N.B: I refer to God as Dad for a very intentional reason. Future post to come to unpack more!

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