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The Stories

This week has been a week of reflection and discovery through stories. Stories are so powerful. They have a way of connecting, grounding, and inspiring us all— and I just love that! Every piece of mail, art, stickers, stamps— you name it— has a story. How often do we stop to think about the stories of these small artifacts around us?

In the busyness of the week, I definitely don’t take enough time to reflect and appreciate, but I was thankful to do just that this week as I prepared for my Postage reward journal spread. I usually don’t do much prep work for journal spreads. I like to sit at my tiny desk and just let my creativity flow. This time was different.

I took a shallow-ish deep dive into the story of postage stamps. I wanted to know the process of producing these valuable 1-square inches of paper that we snail mail enthusiasts love so much. The journey was much more involved and intentional than I imagined, but I am glad to know that so much love goes into the stamps that we use to correspond with each other. You can find the behind the scenes video of this spread HERE. Just swipe left.

This week I hope that you would take a moment to discover the stories around you. I look forward to the goodness I’m going to discover and I’d appreciate your accountability along the way!


Let us take a moment to give our attention to another story! Paper Pal, Mish, shared her Postage journal spread this week, and y’all, IT IS A WORK OF ART. If you think this is something, take a peek at her other creations HERE. You won’t regret it, promise!

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