Tis’ the season 🍁

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

I hope these words on your screen are finding you and your family safe and healthy. Can you believe that we are a few months away from 2022? This year has been such an amazing year— despite the inevitable challenges. I’ll share more about that in December as we prepare to transition into the new year, but for now, let’s jump into some Fall goodness!

This season, which is my absolute favorite, I am so pleased to see the growth I’ve had with Curated Monotony. Even more, the CM community has been most awesome— thank you. If you’ve been following along via the interwebs or social, you’ll notice that I have leaned more closely into my personal stationery palette. I’ve been designing stationery companions with more of a neutral aesthetic, highlighting implied textures and beautiful illustrations from artists across the globe.

Post one-year anniversary, Pome Harvest (August collection) and Autumn Rising (September collection) collections took the scene. I had been holding on to the Pome Harvest collection for about 8 months before sharing it with you. I was very pleased with how everything came together. Take a peek below.

This month, Pallid Blossoms (October collection), arrived. As I prepared for this month of designs I immediately thought about hygge or coziness.

I didn’t want to opt for a strictly Hygge theme, as I felt that it had been saturated in a more commercialized way, but I wanted to keep the true essence of this Danish concept. So, I wrote a list of all the cozy little serotonin boosters I liked to experience, especially during the Fall months. After looking over my long list, I pondered over how I could share this story with you through my creations. Pallid Blossoms was born.

For October, I have captured the soothing and cozy effect of my favorite time of year through the expression of neutral colors and all of their blossomy goodness. From pumpkins to aesthetically pleasing onions, there’s so much goodness to enjoy from this new collection. I am especially fond of the Fall Blooms stickers. I spent a great length of time perfecting the outline of each illustration before production. Y’all, it’s gorgeous. It’s one of the first sheets I chose to create a Pallid Blossoms spread as well.

My next fondness is for the eyelet stickers. These are the first of their kind in the shop and were inspired by the Pome Harvest dots sticker sheet. It was so well received by Paper Pals that I had to bring it back for this collection.

Next up is creating hyggekrog! Essentially, this is a nook or space where you can get cozy. Follow along via Insta as I create a more conducive Hyggekrog and invite others to do the same.

Until I write again, be well. Stay crafty and happy creating.

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