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Turning a Corner

Greetings and Happy Day!

Hopefully, these words upon your screen find you in excellent spirit. This post will include a link to a survey so that ya'll can give me your input on some newness around the corner (specifically launching on restock day, September 20). I hope that you'll love everything, and if there's something you'd like to see more of, please don't hesitate to ask. Let's jump right in!

Paper Pal Club Updates

As I am prepping for the upcoming themes I've had a few ideas around changing contents in the rewards and making the rewards more shipping friendly for our international pals. With this, I am going to be trying a few things. Here goes:

1- We are going to say farewell to the cuties and replace them with a postcard or four. I would love for each pal to enjoy the new postcard designs so I am making this shift to include them in the rewards. Paper Pals will receive 2 postcards and Perpetual Pals will receive 4. Postcards Pals will still receive their postcard with washi samples attached. And worry not, I will add a variety of themed cuties to the shop if you’d like to continue to use them in your journals and more. I’ll also include a few paper cuties in each outgoing reward in October.

Here’s a quick peek at the updated reward.

2- Currently, international Perpetual Pals will receive all flat surprise stationery items, but during bulky months they'll receive a clear stamp that reflects the monthly theme.

How do you feel about receiving clear stamps as the stationery item for both Domestic and International starting January 2021? Include your input here-- STATIONERY INPUT SURVEY

3- Say hello to Print Pals! I have so many cute printables in queue so I created a Print Pal reward so that you all can enjoy prints at a flat rate. I also created a special group for Print Pals so that you can download your goodies and connect with others, if you would like. If you have suggestions on ways you would like to use the group OR suggestions on upcoming prints, I would love to hear from you. Here's my email- nadia@curatedmonotony.com.

ALSO-- the first month of Print Pals is FREE! Feel free to cancel before renewal if it's not for you.

4- The ADD-ONS section will only be live from the 20th to the 1st of the month moving forward. I’ve had a few folks use this option to take advantage of the free shipping for items they want shipped ahead of rewards, so to avoid confusion it’ll only be active when Paper Pals can add their extras.

New Highlights in the Shop

You'll see some new categories highlighted in the shop-- and I'm so excited about it! I have highlighted OOPS products and added a section for Gifts+ and Grab Bags. I wanted you to ensure that you could quickly access what you come to shop for, so happy shopping! And as always-- thank you, thank you for your support!

The shop will be restocked with old and new goodies starting September 20. Paper Pals can save big my using their Paper Pal coupon and ADD-ONS will be discounted. For friends who are not subscribed for monthly rewards, please use the code, THANKFUL, to save 10% off the shop tomorrow ONLY.

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